Wallpaper making a comeback!

August 31, 2018
Wallpaper making a Come-Back!!
Whenever I suggest wallpaper, I can see my client’s expression of dread and even horror!! Why is that?  I’m here to tell you, have no fear. Wallpaper used today is soooo much better than yesteryear! They can add a lot of charm, elegance, and interest in any space. They come in a wide range of materials and styles

Here are the latest trends to hit the market.

Floral/Botanicals – Bring nature indoors. This wallpaper will add bursts of colors to any room.

Geometric– They come in different shapes and sizes, creating a more modern look. It can bring versatility and visual interest in any room.
Metallic– Metallic wallpaper can add depth and sparkle while making your space feel incredibly luxurious. It’s one of my personal favorites!!

Brick/Stone/Wood/Natural Effect – This allows you to incorporate natural elements into your space without the expensive construction work.

Bamboo/Grasscloth– Natural material, they add tremendous appeal to any room. Not recommended in the kitchen or bath since they are not cleanable!! They do have antiseptic characteristics so they will not grow moss or germs. Very expensive. Used mostly in bedrooms or dining rooms.

These are just some of the examples of wallpaper that are out there. Get creative and don’t be afraid to add wallpaper to any space in your home. Whatever you decide, do it with flair!!

Decorating for the Holidays!!

November 30, 2017

Decorating for the Holidays can be overwhelming. The problem usually is, “Where do I put everything?” Here’s a solution you might want to try, create vignettes. This will allow you to use more items!! Also, think outside the box!! Who says your Christmas decor has to be the traditional red and green? Why not use another color theme? I decided to use turquoise, chartreuse green, and white. And I love it!!

As you can see here, I grouped a few items together, allowing me to use more of my decor. Layering is key to good decorating!!

Here’s a grouping of deers and trees!!

I try to utilize all the space in my home, including the kitchen. The decor that hangs over the kitchen window was handmade. I merely brought items that worked well together. I also kept my color theme in mind.

If you look closely, you can see that I added the ornament and greenery to the bow. Again layering!!

Think outside the box!! Use items that can work with your decor. In this instance, I used my white tray and white candlestick holders.

 Here’s an overview of my living room.

Close-up of the tree. You can see I used a lot of items, besides the conventional Christmas Tree balls. Walmart has an enormous selection priced right!!

Of course, I don’t use a traditional Christmas tree topper!! I like to make my own. I use this unusual item as my tree topper.

I go one step further and make sure my wrapping paper co-ordinates with my color theme!! I know! I know!! A bit over the top here!!

I even had the Christmas stocking embroidered to color coordinate with my color theme! I also added an ornament with some greenery to embellished it (again layering).

My favorite is the stair railing!! I love the way it turned out. I added some burlap bows and turquoise bells. Again layering!!

Second Christmas tree by the front door. Continued the color theme. 

Here I added the same ornament and greenery from the Christmas stocking and silver bow.

Here’s an overview of the dining room. I’m hoping next year to purchase a new dining room set since I sold my old one when I moved into this house. So, for now, this folding table and chairs will have to do!!

The most important thing to remember when decorating is to layer!! Take a step back during the process to evaluate your work. Need more? Then add to it. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Some of my best work has been created when I think outside the box. Most of all have fun!! Drink eggnog (or wine!!) and put on some Christmas music!! In the end, you will have a beautifully decorated home!!

Should you paint a fireplace?

September 13, 2017
Painted fireplace, is it a good idea, or a bad idea? Tough decision!! As a home stager and redesigner, I often see fireplaces in my client’s home. Some are in great shape, some not so much. When I recommend painting, I usually get this reaction, “Really you think I should paint it?”.  If your fireplace looks outdated, then it’s definitely worth painting it.
What a difference!!
But what if your fireplace looks like this? Then what? Do you still paint it? I have to say, I like the fireplace before it was painted. I also love it after as well. So what do you do? To Paint or not to paint? That is the question. My opinion, if it looks nice then leave it alone. Not everyone may like painted fireplaces, and if they do, they can always paint it themselves. Only paint it, if it’s in bad shape!

Remember, when you’re selling your home, it’s essential to eliminate any potential problems buyers may have. An ugly fireplace is a potential problem. So don’t be afraid to paint the fireplace if you think it may be an issue! 

At Abella Home Staging & Redesign, we believe any home can be beautifully transformed. We believe in delivering a custom-made look but without the custom-made price tag!! Call us and let’s get started today!!

Master bedroom are huge selling point!!

August 30, 2017
Master bedroom, is a huge selling point when selling your home. Many buyers want a 5-star quality master bedroom when purchasing a home. As a redesigner, this is one area I noticed, that is usually neglected!!  It isn’t difficult or expensive to achieve a high-end look. Here are some easy step to achieving the bedroom of your dream!


Don’t try to fight it, instead embrace and work around it.  Long narrow vertical windows can be a problem, but if you get floor-to-ceiling curtains and hang the rod 6″-8″ outside the window sill, that will give the illusion of a wider window.

Matchy, Matchy:

This is one place you can and should match. Matching nightstand and lamps will give the room asymmetric look and feel. This will enhance that soothing and serene feeling that we want to achieve.

Use fabric that can withstand stains. When selling your home, try not to use bold colors,  jarring patterns, or lacy fabric. If you using a pattern, make sure you repeat it and keep it simple.
Related image

When choosing sheets for your comforter, my rule of thumb is to match the bedspread. Too many colors are jarring to your senses. Make sure your wall color coordinates with your bedding and has a cohesive look.


Be practical: 

Don’t try to have a high fashion bedroom that only looks good but it is difficult to live in. Be practical and make it livable.


Remember this is your bedroom, use items that will appeal to your sense. Limit the amount of furniture, especially if you’re selling your home (overcrowding is a huge problem in bedrooms) and if you can at all help it, don’t put your office in the bedroom. Too many times I’ve seen the master bedroom used as storage areas!! This is a place to retrieve from your hectic life!! Remember master bedrooms are a huge selling point when selling your home!


At Abella Home Staging & Redesign, we believe any home can be beautifully transformed. We believe in delivering a custom-made look but without the custom-made price tag!! Call us and let’s get started today!!

Contemporary Interior Design Style

August 9, 2017

Contemporary refers to things that are of trending right now. Today’s modern interiors are comfortable and welcoming without being cluttered and dark. These rooms are designed with abundant open space and natural light in mind. It embraces simplicity. Here is a few suggestions on how to decorate your room with contemporary style. 


Contemporary interiors rely heavily on grey, brown, taupe, cream and pure white.


Majorly the furniture is featured with clean lines and smooth surfaces without any carving and decoration. Furniture is made of light-colored woods such as maple and birch, stainless steel, and nickel. The sofas and chairs have exposed legs



Natural fabrics such as silk, wool, linen, and cotton are used for their textural aspect. However, bold color or geometric pattern may be brought into the design with pillows, or a rug. 




At Abella Home Staging & Redesign, we believe any home can be beautifully transformed. We believe in delivering a custom-made look but without the custom-made price tag!! Call us and let’s get started today!!


Making your Home Smart

July 17, 2017

Today’s technology has gone far. With human knowledge and skills, we have gradually improved our lifestyle into a much more straightforward and easy way. It has now become even easier with the idea of a smart home. Imagine yourself waking up in a comfortable bed who adjust itself with your ideal temperature and with coffee maker freshly brewed coffee, and getting ready to work knowing that your house is safe with smart lock.

Smart Refrigerator:

The smart refrigerator operates with a Wifi enabled touchscreen that helps you manage your groceries. You can even contact your family and friends. And enjoy the music that comes from the refrigerator. The family Hub has three built cameras which capture the photo of your fridge every time you close it. How cool is that! You can have access to photo in your phone and quickly know what is missing from the refrigerator which makes your shopping far easier


The nest thermostat adjusts the temperature automatically according to your pattern as it learns your habit. It also connects and interacts with other devices in your home.

Smart locks:

Smart lock locks and unlocks a door when it receives instructions from an authorized device. The key here is not a typical key but a smartphone which performs wirelessly and gives authorization to automatically unlock the door.



At Abella Home Staging & Redesign, we believe any home can be beautifully transformed. We believe in delivering a custom-made look, but without the custom-made price tag!! Call us and let’s get started today!!

Making your home feel relax

July 12, 2017


Home is not just a place where we go back to every day. It is a sanctuary where we draw energy from to start our better day. So it is essential to create our space so we could relax and enjoy our time that gives some peace to our mind. Here are a few tips on how to make your home relaxing.

Connect with Nature!  

Being surrounded by a natural element helps us feel in peace.

Bring in natural sunlight!

Sunlight is the primary source of energy which provides vitamin D and helps us keep healthy. It affects our mood by making us happy and confident. 

Choosing natural tone colors!

The neutral color gives the room a subtle warmth and elegant simplicity. It creates a cheerfully pleasant home. 

Create Space!

Anxiety will build up if we pile up too much stuff in a room. So we should only keep things that we really need instead of cluttering unwanted objects. Painting the walls with white or light color will also make a room look more spacious and relaxing. 

Create a calming focal piece!

The thing that makes us happy or relaxes should be in a place where we could see it every day. We could draw positive energy from it. 

Whatever you do, make sure it feels natural and comfortable to your needs!! After all, it is YOUR home!!

At Abella Home Staging & Redesign, we believe any home can be beautifully transformed. We believe in delivering a custom-made look but without the custom-made price tag!! Call us and let’s get started today!!