Simple solutions equal great design

June 11, 2020

Simple solutions equal great design!

You don’t need to spend a lot of money; you just have to get creative. Many times clients are on a budget (who isn’t these days!). But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice design. There are many ways to spruce up your home, whether you’re selling or redesigning.

Here are some tips that you implant.

1. Fancy feet – you can update a look on an armchair or sofa by merely changing out the feet. Most just screw on so you can easily replace them with your choice of decorative feet. Just make sure your new feet don’t go higher than 1″ of the original feet.

2. Decorative lampshade – there are many ways to “dress up” your lampshades. Cut decorative paper to fit the inside of the shade. It looks great when the lights are off, better when they are turned on. Add embellishment (ribbons, beads, use hot a glue gun) from the scrapbook aisles. Or use reusable wallpaper. Word of advice using the wallpaper will diffuse the light so, plan accordingly.

3. Stairs riser – step up the visual interest on your risers by using wallpaper or custom painting them. Just make sure you pick a print that will work when you cut it down to the size you need.

4. Kitchen and bathroom tiles – if you have plain tiles or even Formica and want to spruce it up without breaking the budget, use peel and stick tiles. Easier to do than removing the old tiles. You simply peel off the backing and position on tiles. Then let it dry/cure for 24 hrs. These stickers withstand moisture, heat, and plenty of splashes.

5. Dog crates – my personal favorite. Do you have a dog crate that is an eyesore? Then consider buying a decorative dog crate instead.

As you can see here, just a bit of imagination and creativity, anything is possible!!

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Painting your kitchen cabinets

May 2, 2019

Painting your Kitchen Cabinets

Should you paint the kitchen the cabinets? I’ve seen kitchen cabinets that the only thing that is going to save them is a paint job. The biggest problem, I think is the paint job itself. If it’s done right, it can look amazing, but if an amateur does it, well let’s say, not so lovely.

The other problem is what color to paint the kitchen cabinets. Dark? Light? Medium? Perhaps a color? That all depends on your preference. Unless of course, you are selling your home.

I do like white cabinets. When you are shopping for kitchen cabinets, you will see samples of kitchen cabinets in many shades of natural wood, shades of white, antique white, and some shades of color. 

Here are some samples of painted kitchen cabinets.

As you can see, painting the cabinets completely changes the look of the kitchen. That’s why I highly recommend it.

You can then change the countertops and backsplash to change the look of your kitchen further. Painting your kitchen cabinets is a great way to update the look of your kitchen without breaking your budget.

Are there any colors out there that you have used and found that works well when you’ve painted the kitchen cabinets?

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Office design

April 4, 2019

Office Redesign

As you know, I recently painted my desk with Fusion paint. I love how it came out. But now I look around my office and realize it needs some tender loving care— time to work on it.
You see when I moved into this house two years ago; I did not do anything to this office. I kept the original color because I happen to like it. I still do. But I was not happy with the look of the walls. The walls had holes and could use some patching.

And although I liked the color, I decided to go a bit warmer in tone. So I set off to redo my office. And oh boy did I take on a project!! 

This was my office before I did any work as you can see it’s nice enough.

I did not like those sliding doors!! Especially that piece of trim!! What exactly was the purpose of that?!!!

First I wanted to paint the walls, that meant doing some patching. Lots of patching. And I realized why they had that piece of trim. It was to cover up the track!!

Then I went about and removed all the trims that were there, including the baseboard trims.

This was the trim they had installed. It looked like they ran out of one trim and decided to use whatever they had left. Geez, what horrible artistry!!

This is what I had in mind. As you can see they are no right angles!! So no 45-degree cuts. That’s the beauty of this project. And even though I have a miter saw, I have never cut right corners. This seemed the perfect solution to adding trim work.

I had to spackle all the holes and fill in the small gaps with caulking.

Came out beautifully. I was pleased with the results.

And all the baseboards trim match!! No more mismatch. Filled in all the gaps and freshly painted.

So much better than before. 

Well, this project is done. It took me a couple of weekends to do. But it was worth doing it on to the next project. 

Wall Treatments

October 4, 2018
Wall Treatments!
Your walls are a blank canvas. It is the perfect way to show your creativity. They can dramatically transform a space.

So what are YOU  doing to reinvent your walls? Here are just some ideas that you can implement into your space.

Wood Paneling – Adds warmth. Can be traditional or contemporary.

Painting – The least inexpensive way to reinvent your space. You can also change the look whenever you want.
Architectural Digest
Wallpaper – Comes in many styles, from geometrics, florals to two dimensional, and even wallpaper that is paintable!
Chalkboard – Can make a statement! They are great for kids rooms, craft rooms, basements, and even kitchens.
Peg Board – Comes in sheets and can be cut down. They can even be painted! Great for organizing.
Wood Pallet – These pallets seem all the rage these days. They are basically free. But make sure you check the warnings on the bottom of the crate. Some give off toxic fumes. But most are safe!!
Bricks –  They have been around a long time. But it has recently made a comeback. They can be painted, distressed, or left in its natural state.
Stone – Bringing the outside in. Stones come in many textures, styles, and colors. They come in panels and you can adhere them to the walls.
Faceted or Modular – 3-dimensional sculpted surfaces. They interlock and are made from natural gypsum components. They definitely add a unique look to any space.
Wood Bocks – Again, it’s the ability to bring nature indoors. We love the organic feel to nature. It’s calming and peaceful.
Wainscoting – There are many different variations.  They come in different heights, styles, and forms.

Raised Panel.

Boxed Wainscoting
Board & Batten
Picture Frame
Flat Panel – This comes up 3/4 of the way. 
Bead Board
As you can see there are many options. Many more that I did not include in this post. You can feature wall treatments over a fireplaceor use as an accent wall. 

Remember to think outside the box and ALWAYS have fun!!

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Should you paint a fireplace?

September 13, 2017
Painted fireplace, is it a good idea, or a bad idea? Tough decision!! As a home stager and redesigner, I often see fireplaces in my client’s home. Some are in great shape, some not so much. When I recommend painting, I usually get this reaction, “Really you think I should paint it?”.  If your fireplace looks outdated, then it’s definitely worth painting it.
What a difference!!
But what if your fireplace looks like this? Then what? Do you still paint it? I have to say, I like the fireplace before it was painted. I also love it after as well. So what do you do? To Paint or not to paint? That is the question. My opinion, if it looks nice then leave it alone. Not everyone may like painted fireplaces, and if they do, they can always paint it themselves. Only paint it, if it’s in bad shape!

Remember, when you’re selling your home, it’s essential to eliminate any potential problems buyers may have. An ugly fireplace is a potential problem. So don’t be afraid to paint the fireplace if you think it may be an issue! 

At Abella Home Staging & Redesign, we believe any home can be beautifully transformed. We believe in delivering a custom-made look but without the custom-made price tag!! Call us and let’s get started today!!

Making your home feel relax

July 12, 2017


Home is not just a place where we go back to every day. It is a sanctuary where we draw energy from to start our better day. So it is essential to create our space so we could relax and enjoy our time that gives some peace to our mind. Here are a few tips on how to make your home relaxing.

Connect with Nature!  

Being surrounded by a natural element helps us feel in peace.

Bring in natural sunlight!

Sunlight is the primary source of energy which provides vitamin D and helps us keep healthy. It affects our mood by making us happy and confident. 

Choosing natural tone colors!

The neutral color gives the room a subtle warmth and elegant simplicity. It creates a cheerfully pleasant home. 

Create Space!

Anxiety will build up if we pile up too much stuff in a room. So we should only keep things that we really need instead of cluttering unwanted objects. Painting the walls with white or light color will also make a room look more spacious and relaxing. 

Create a calming focal piece!

The thing that makes us happy or relaxes should be in a place where we could see it every day. We could draw positive energy from it. 

Whatever you do, make sure it feels natural and comfortable to your needs!! After all, it is YOUR home!!

At Abella Home Staging & Redesign, we believe any home can be beautifully transformed. We believe in delivering a custom-made look but without the custom-made price tag!! Call us and let’s get started today!!