Office design

April 4, 2019

Office Redesign

As you know, I recently painted my desk with Fusion paint. I love how it came out. But now I look around my office and realize it needs some tender loving care— time to work on it.
You see when I moved into this house two years ago; I did not do anything to this office. I kept the original color because I happen to like it. I still do. But I was not happy with the look of the walls. The walls had holes and could use some patching.

And although I liked the color, I decided to go a bit warmer in tone. So I set off to redo my office. And oh boy did I take on a project!! 

This was my office before I did any work as you can see it’s nice enough.

I did not like those sliding doors!! Especially that piece of trim!! What exactly was the purpose of that?!!!

First I wanted to paint the walls, that meant doing some patching. Lots of patching. And I realized why they had that piece of trim. It was to cover up the track!!

Then I went about and removed all the trims that were there, including the baseboard trims.

This was the trim they had installed. It looked like they ran out of one trim and decided to use whatever they had left. Geez, what horrible artistry!!

This is what I had in mind. As you can see they are no right angles!! So no 45-degree cuts. That’s the beauty of this project. And even though I have a miter saw, I have never cut right corners. This seemed the perfect solution to adding trim work.

I had to spackle all the holes and fill in the small gaps with caulking.

Came out beautifully. I was pleased with the results.

And all the baseboards trim match!! No more mismatch. Filled in all the gaps and freshly painted.

So much better than before. 

Well, this project is done. It took me a couple of weekends to do. But it was worth doing it on to the next project.