Welcome to the Vendor Page

There are great benefits to working with a designer. One of the benefits is the discounts they can provide for their clients. I want to offer these discounts to you!!

Below are three vendors that I highly recommend. They carry high quality at a fair price. Click on the links below and check out their website. If you see something you like and would like to place an order for, here is some information you need to know before you place an order.

  • Only damaged goods can be returned for exchange only. You must let me know within three days if there are any damages through email
  • All exchanges must be in the original box, and you will be responsible for the shipping cost
  • If you wish to see the merchandise before you place an order, you can go on the website and click on: “Dealer locator” or “Find the nearest reseller.” You may be able to see the items. Not all dealers will carry the full line of merchandise
  • Discount can be 15% – 30% off retail, depending on your location

If you decide to place an order, these are the next steps you will need to know:

  • Email the SKU# number of the items
  • Email me the picture of the items
  • Indicate the amount you would like for each item
  • Indicate the color you would like for each item

Once I get the email, I will forward you the items’ cost, and we can discuss payment options. All payments are made to Abella Home Staging.

Click on the logo to view the website.