I decided I wanted to paint my interior doors black. Love the results!!

Staging home doesn’t always mean you bring in all-new furniture. Sometimes you can use the homeowner’s furniture and keep the cost down. Homeowners love that!!

The devil is in the details! Accessorizing can make or break your design. This is where most clients have the most considerable difficulties.

Every home, no matter what size, can benefit from home staging.

Painting my kitchen cabinets. What it takes to get it right.

I wanted to add to my Ikea bookcase, but they didn’t have any size that would fit. So I built my own.

Choosing a color for your space isn’t an easy task. If you choose the wrong color, your design will be off. This video will help you get a better understanding of the process.

Foyers are the first area your guests and family will see. That makes it one of the essential spaces in your home. Check out this video to get some great ideas.

It has been said that the most beautiful rooms are those that blend styles, colors, charisma, function, and form. I couldn’t agree more.

Why you should stage your home.

Murals are trending!! They can certainly add interest to any space you are designing.

Painting my desk with Fusion paint. It came out great. I am very pleased with the results.

There are many different types of chairs available. This video will help guide you through all the different selections.

This is a staging I did in Great Neck, NY. It’s a stunning home, and the staging will show the buyers the lifestyle they can enjoy in the home.

There are many, many choices for window treatments. Do you know what’s out there?

Have you been shopping for tables lately? Well, good luck, there is a plethora of tables out there.

Since it’s the new year, I thought I would talk about some new products you may not have heard about.

Hanging pendants over a kit island take a little bit of math. Check out this video to find out what you need to do.

How to decorate your Xmas tree like a designer. This will video will give you some great ideas on how to spruce up your tree.

How to decorate for the holidays!! Creating vignettes that make your home look a designer was there!!

What style of sofa do you like? What size sofa will fit in your space? What material should you get? These are just some of the questions you will face when shopping for a couch. Check out my video to get some answers.

There are so many chandeliers. What size should you get? What is the perfect height to hang them? What style do I like?

Working with an Interior Designer offers you possibilities that you may not able to achieve on your own. The benefits outweigh the cost of their fees. Working with a designer can potentially save you money.

How to style a bookcase. The tips that will make it look like a professional styled your bookshelf.


Tired of just painting your walls? Then check out this video and see the many options that are available.

There are so many possibilities for designing your ceiling. Painting is just one option. There are many more. Check out this video to see more options.

How to mix and match your patterns and add them to your space. All the dos and don’ts!

Wallpaper is a hot trend. Find out what’s hot in the market.

Under-cabinet lighting is essential in a kitchen to remodel. Check out this video before you make any decisions.

If you’re looking for an appliance, then watch this video.

Choosing backsplashes can be overwhelming. Watch this video to get helpful information on selecting your backsplash.

Are you remodeling your kitchen? Then you need to check out this video.

Need help navigating​ choosing kitchen countertops? Then check out this video for useful information.


Storage in the bathroom!

Spare Bathroom!

Living Room Renovation.

Sun Room Design.




Decorating the Christmas Tree.