Creating a perfect Grid Wall

May 4, 2023

Have you ever thought about creating an accent wall? A grid wall is a beautiful accent wall; you can make it yourself, but it requires a bit of math.

Step 1 – Plan out the grid

  1. Measure the wall – measure the width and length in inches.
  2. Choose your material – determine the width of your grid lines. For example, do you want to use 1×4, 1×3 1×2 boards? (That is the width of the boards. I like 1×3).


3. Calculate your squares– The key to a perfect grid wall is to make your grids as close to courts as possible. Since your wall width is unlikely to be the same height as your ceiling, this can be a little tricky. We like to have our squares ideally be about 16-24″ on a side. Anything smaller can end up looking too busy. On the other hand, if the courts get too big, they look, well…too big.

If your wall width or height happens to be an even number, like 8 ft, divide by 2 ft to determine how many squares you will have in either direction. If your wall width or height is an odd number, you will have to get a little more creative. We came up with a handy table to take all the guesswork out of it for you:

Step 2 – Install the frame

Create a frame around your grid wall. It should look like this.

Step 3 – Install the vertical pieces.

Vertical pieces are easier to install because they create fewer cuts than horizontal pieces.

Just a little bit more math…

The distance between the edges of your vertical pieces will not be the same as the square spacing we provided in the table above due to the width of your wood. So, how do you figure out the space between your vertical wood pieces? Here is the formula:

Step 4 – Calculate your horizontal spacing

Use the same procedure you used to calculate the width of the wall. Repeat it for the height of the wall

Step 5 – Create two spacer

Cut two pieces of wood precisely the tiny size. This will help you to ensure that the spaces are exact.

Step 7 – Fill nail holes and caulk

Step 8 – Paint and enjoy your new wall!!

Front Door Update

September 8, 2022
Your front door is where you greet your guest and family but it’s also where the public gets its first view of your home. It’s their first impression.

My front door wasn’t leaving much of a good impression. It was time to update. I was not too fond of the way it seemed disconnected. I wanted to make it look like one unit. I also noticed the trim on the top of the door was upside down! I had to fix that.


The door looked bigger just by painting it all as one unit. So elegant!

 I love the way it looked I decided to paint ALL  exterior doors black!!  My storage shed.

My Side door.

My Tool Shed.

Painting my Door BLACK!

July 28, 2022
As we all know, black and white color themes are trending right now. We see black windows as the hot new trend. But how about black interior doors? I have seen them, and I love them. So I decided I was going to paint all my interior doors black. Now that is a commitment because changing them back into white would be a bit of a nightmare. But like I always tell my clients, trust the process. 

It started with my front door. It was black, and I thought, why not paint them all black? 


 Master bedroom


Spare Bedroom




So glad I did. I love the way it turned out; so elegant and classy.


Master Bedroom

Spare Bedroom



I even did the bathroom!


Painting my Office Desk

July 14, 2022
I purchased my office desk a few years ago. It served me very well, but it was starting to wear out in certain areas. I thought about replacing it, but the cost of an executive desk is a bit pricey. And since there was nothing wrong with this desk other than a worn-out area, I decided to paint it instead.

The area I speak of is right where I lean in to write. I guess I wore it out! 

I decided to paint it black, to coordinate with the other desk. I primed it first then painted two coats and sealed it with varnish. It came out great. I love the results. It’s like a brand new desk and the cost was just a gallon of paint!


Entryway – Painting the Grout and Door

June 30, 2022
The entryway in my house has seen better days. The grout was so dirty. This was not the first impression I wanted my family or guest to have when they visited. I’m not a fan of slate tiles but replacing them was not in the budget just yet. I had to do something. It was looking so shabby. I did some research and decided I could paint the grout. This would clean it up. 

I also wanted to paint the door since it had never been painted. I thought black would be lovely since I just painted the handrail black. There was also the issue of missing cement by the door. This was allowing a lot of cold air to penetrate thru the cracks. I had to fix that as well.

I used paint from Sherwin William. I also used liquid cement from Home Depot. It fills up the cracks nicely. Unfortunately, I wind up using the entire tube! That is how bad the gaps were.

I taped the area and primed the door. I also cleaned the tiles to remove all the dirt.

This is the finished product. It turned out well. Now I won’t be embarrassed to have guests over!
I even painted the cement so you wouldn’t see it. Instead, it blended well with the grout.

Painting my Handrails

June 2, 2022

Painting my Handrails

When I moved into my current home, one of the first things that I tackled was the handrails. I wouldn’t say I didn’t like the stain color at all. It was so outdated. I wanted something that would pop when you came into my home. So I decided to go with a black and white color theme.

This is what it looked like before I went to work. 

It wasn’t easy to paint due to the height. So I had to come up with a way to reach it so I could paint it. Ok, perhaps not the safest way but definitely, the cleverest! Putting the stirs on a 50-gallon storage box!

What a difference. I love the way it came out

Painting my Bathroom Cabinet

March 10, 2022
Recently I remodel the spare bathroom. I was so pleased with the result but the main bathroom left much to be desired! Let’s just say, I wasn’t happy with it, but redoing it was not in the budget.

I decided what was in the budget was painting the cabinet. That I can do. I decided to paint it a nice dark blue.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures before I started the project. Aye Vay! This is the only picture I have. It was taken when I first purchased the property. But at least it gives you an idea.

I had to take the doors off to paint them correctly. Plus two coats since the color was dark.

So pleased with the results. Just completely changed the look of the bathroom.