Hardwood vs Wood-like Tiles

February 16, 2023

These days some tiles look just like hardwood. So what are the benefits of these wood-like tiles? Well, for one thing, they can go over cement flooring. Hardwood needs a sub-flooring, and it does not go over cement. 

It’s also great in areas with a lot of moisture, like the bathroom. Or in the kitchen, where there is a lot of traffic and wear and tear. The tiles look so real nowadays that it’s hard to tell the difference.

They come in many different widths and colors. Check it out yourself, and you’ll be surprised.






Entryway – Painting the Grout and Door

June 30, 2022
The entryway in my house has seen better days. The grout was so dirty. This was not the first impression I wanted my family or guest to have when they visited. I’m not a fan of slate tiles but replacing them was not in the budget just yet. I had to do something. It was looking so shabby. I did some research and decided I could paint the grout. This would clean it up. 

I also wanted to paint the door since it had never been painted. I thought black would be lovely since I just painted the handrail black. There was also the issue of missing cement by the door. This was allowing a lot of cold air to penetrate thru the cracks. I had to fix that as well.

I used paint from Sherwin William. I also used liquid cement from Home Depot. It fills up the cracks nicely. Unfortunately, I wind up using the entire tube! That is how bad the gaps were.

I taped the area and primed the door. I also cleaned the tiles to remove all the dirt.

This is the finished product. It turned out well. Now I won’t be embarrassed to have guests over!
I even painted the cement so you wouldn’t see it. Instead, it blended well with the grout.