Wall Treatments

October 4, 2018
Wall Treatments!
Your walls are a blank canvas. It is the perfect way to show your creativity. They can dramatically transform a space.

So what are YOU  doing to reinvent your walls? Here are just some ideas that you can implement into your space.

Wood Paneling – Adds warmth. Can be traditional or contemporary.

Painting – The least inexpensive way to reinvent your space. You can also change the look whenever you want.
Architectural Digest
Wallpaper – Comes in many styles, from geometrics, florals to two dimensional, and even wallpaper that is paintable!
Chalkboard – Can make a statement! They are great for kids rooms, craft rooms, basements, and even kitchens.
Peg Board – Comes in sheets and can be cut down. They can even be painted! Great for organizing.
Wood Pallet – These pallets seem all the rage these days. They are basically free. But make sure you check the warnings on the bottom of the crate. Some give off toxic fumes. But most are safe!!
Bricks –  They have been around a long time. But it has recently made a comeback. They can be painted, distressed, or left in its natural state.
Stone – Bringing the outside in. Stones come in many textures, styles, and colors. They come in panels and you can adhere them to the walls.
Faceted or Modular – 3-dimensional sculpted surfaces. They interlock and are made from natural gypsum components. They definitely add a unique look to any space.
Wood Bocks – Again, it’s the ability to bring nature indoors. We love the organic feel to nature. It’s calming and peaceful.
Wainscoting – There are many different variations.  They come in different heights, styles, and forms.

Raised Panel.

Boxed Wainscoting
Board & Batten
Picture Frame
Flat Panel – This comes up 3/4 of the way. 
Bead Board
As you can see there are many options. Many more that I did not include in this post. You can feature wall treatments over a fireplaceor use as an accent wall. 

Remember to think outside the box and ALWAYS have fun!!

(images via Pinterest)