Living Room Remodel in Malverne

January 19, 2023

This living room was a design remodel I did for a client. I’ve known Lisa for a few years now and have done just about every room in her house.

It was beautiful in its glory day but sadly, not so much now. The sofa was worn out, and the area rug and coffee table were dated.

It was time to update. Lisa wanted a more contemporary look with some traditional elements. I also wanted to add some rustic features to the design.
It turned out beautifully, and the client was pleased with the results!

We had already removed the drapery which was very heavy.


It had an unusual Juliet balcony.

The accent chair had seen better days as did the ottoman!

What a difference! Light, bright and airy. With contemporary touches as well as rustic and traditional elements.

Living Room Design

January 5, 2023
I recently did a living design for a client. She hadn’t purchased any furniture in a few years, and it showed. When I walked into the space, I noticed that the sofa’s back was exposed; that was the first thing I saw.

I knew I had to change the layout of that space. She had a piano that she didn’t use, so with some convincing on my part; she gave it away. This allows me to extend the space further. I intended to put the TV  where the piano used to be, opening up the room. 

We decided on a color theme that she liked, navy and taupe, and off to shopping, we went.

This area is where the piano used to be; now the TV and the fireplace console reside. It ties the two spaces together, creating a much larger living space.

We also touched upon the dining room. I’ve seen this happen quite enough. Once the space is complete, my client winds up doing more because the area adjacent to it usually needs to be updated as well. We kept the table and replaced the chairs and credence. 

Lisa’s New Living Room

May 19, 2022
Lisa is a client I have been working with for a few years. It started with her children’s bedroom, basement den, master bedroom, kitchen, and dining room. So it’s safe to say we work well together. But, of course, after doing all those rooms, the living room was looking a bit old and shabby—time to update.

Here are some before pictures. As you can see, it’s outdated. We removed the heavy drapery that was obsolete. The sofa has seen better days. There wasn’t anything that we wanted to keep. 

As you can see, the design mixes rustic with traditional and contemporary. It’s lighter, brighter, and a lot more appealing design. 

Doreen’s Living Room Renovations

May 5, 2022
I recently did an update on a very outdated living room. The sofas were old and not too scale. The layout wasn’t working, and the floor color was a bit dark and obsolete.

I decided that I was not too fond of the layout. It seemed to me, too, everything was on one side of the space. The balance was off. And since my client no longer wanted the piano, I thought that would be an ideal place for the TV fireplace console. This way, we would be utilizing the entire space.

Here are the before pictures.

I am not fond of walking into a space and seeing the back of a sofa, much less a recliner!

The piano was being removed so we could utilize the entire space. We were making the living room area much more extensive.

As you can see, it completely changed the look of the space. The living room was more extensive and more open concept than before.

It often happens with my clients. Once they see how beautiful the space is, they wind up remodeling. In this case, we updated the dining room. I kept the tables but purchased new chairs and a new credenza.