Living Room Design

January 5, 2023
I recently did a living design for a client. She hadn’t purchased any furniture in a few years, and it showed. When I walked into the space, I noticed that the sofa’s back was exposed; that was the first thing I saw.

I knew I had to change the layout of that space. She had a piano that she didn’t use, so with some convincing on my part; she gave it away. This allows me to extend the space further. I intended to put the TV  where the piano used to be, opening up the room. 

We decided on a color theme that she liked, navy and taupe, and off to shopping, we went.

This area is where the piano used to be; now the TV and the fireplace console reside. It ties the two spaces together, creating a much larger living space.

We also touched upon the dining room. I’ve seen this happen quite enough. Once the space is complete, my client winds up doing more because the area adjacent to it usually needs to be updated as well. We kept the table and replaced the chairs and credence.