Attic Tent

January 18, 2024

When I moved into my current home, the first winter was brutal. I live in a high ranch, the attic stairs leading to the attic, standing under those stairs,  feeling the cold coming through the cracks, burr… was cold!!

I thought I was not going through another winter with that issue, so I researched and found a solution: an attic tent. What an ingenious idea! Who knew? I purchased it and installed it, and what a difference it made. No more draft came through, and it was so much warmer.

So if you have attic stairs and it’s drafty, try an attic tent. You’ll be surprised.






The many styles of stair railings

September 7, 2023

Stair railings can make such an impression, so why not make it a fantastic image? There are so many different styles of railings. Some railings are traditional, some contemporary, and some are unique! 

Whatever your taste may be, there is something for everyone!



Glass Railings


Modern wood Railing

Clark and Aldine


Traditional Metal Railing



Contemporary Metal Railing



Unique Railing!




Replacing the Deck and Handrails

August 25, 2022
When I moved into my current house, I knew that there would be many projects I needed to undertake. Some required immediate attention, others could wait, and some I needed to wait until it was in the budget. The deck and stairs were one of the projects that needed immediate attention.

It seemed unsafe to me, and I was starting to buckle and fall apart—time to replace it. 

Buckling on the deck

The previous owner’s dog chewed rails.

I would have loved to use trek decking, but it wasn’t in the budget, so I used cedarwood for the deck and vinyl for the handrails.

I had to wait a year before I could stain the deck. The wood needs to dry; otherwise, it could have a patchy area since the wood may not absorb the stain thoroughly. I used TWP wood stain in Cape Cod Grey. (It has since been banned in NY!!). I’m going to have to find another stain when it’s time.



Peel & Stick Wallpaper

March 18, 2021

Peel and stick wallpaper has been one of the best creations when it comes to designs. Why? Because there are so many uses for it and it’s so easy to use. Remember when it used to be called contact paper? Well now it’s been revamped and I love how versatile it’s become.

Think about it. You can use it on furniture, stairs, items (like trays), even ceilings, and sooo much more.