Making your Home Smart

July 17, 2017

Today’s technology has gone far. With human knowledge and skills, we have gradually improved our lifestyle into a much more straightforward and easy way. It has now become even easier with the idea of a smart home. Imagine yourself waking up in a comfortable bed who adjust itself with your ideal temperature and with coffee maker freshly brewed coffee, and getting ready to work knowing that your house is safe with smart lock.

Smart Refrigerator:

The smart refrigerator operates with a Wifi enabled touchscreen that helps you manage your groceries. You can even contact your family and friends. And enjoy the music that comes from the refrigerator. The family Hub has three built cameras which capture the photo of your fridge every time you close it. How cool is that! You can have access to photo in your phone and quickly know what is missing from the refrigerator which makes your shopping far easier


The nest thermostat adjusts the temperature automatically according to your pattern as it learns your habit. It also connects and interacts with other devices in your home.

Smart locks:

Smart lock locks and unlocks a door when it receives instructions from an authorized device. The key here is not a typical key but a smartphone which performs wirelessly and gives authorization to automatically unlock the door.



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