What is Fusion Paint?

February 7, 2019

What is Fusion Paint?

Fusion Paint is 100% acrylic, water-based paint. Once cures, fusion paint is both stain and waterproof. The best part, no primer or topcoat is required — a one-step process paint.

So you’re probably wondering right about now, what’s the difference between chalk paint and fusion paint.I’m glad you asked. There is some difference, and they are noteworthy.

Check it out.

Fusion Paint                                                                  Chalk Paint

Prep Time? Little to none                                                  Prep Time? Little to none
Consistency? Light, thin,
self-leveling with minimal         Consistency? Thick, finish shows more               

 texture                                                                                 texture
Can colors be mixed? Yes                                                 Can colors mixYes  
Can you distress? Yes                                                       Can you distress?  Yes
Can you antique? Yes                                                       Can you antique? Yes
Waterproof? Yes                                                               Waterproof? NO!!
Stainproof? Yes                                                                 Stainproof? NO!!
Requires sealing with topcoat? No                                  Requires sealing w/topcoat? No
Toxic? No, low VOC, no toxic fillers                                Toxic? Some brands latex, Ethylene Glycol,                 
                                                                                            and methanol and all harmful.
Cost? $20.50 per pint                                                         Cost? $35-40 per quart.
As you can see, there are more benefits to using fusion paint rather than chalk paint. Fusion paint makes it easier to use and produces long term results. It’s also more affordable. And it comes in metallic as well!!

All imagines via Pinterest