Different Types of Sofa

March 16, 2023

There are many different types of sofas; it boggles the mind. But we can narrow it down to 11 design styles. From these styles are many variations. Understanding these styles may help you select the best design for your home.

1. Chesterfield Sofa – This style is defined by its rolled arm. The back is the same height as the arms. It has tufting or quilting but no cushions. He dated back to the 18th century and was commissioned by the Earl of Chesterfield, England. The sofa was commissioned so that it would allow men to sit on the sofa upright and not wrinkle their suits.


2. Cabriole Sofa – This style is characterized by its “S” shaped legs and exposed wood frame. It also has arms that are slightly lower than the back, and it has no back cushions. Cabriole goes back to the 18th century.


3. Camelback Sofa – It has an arched back, similar to a camel, hence the name!! This style has rolled or square arms, usually no back cushions, and the legs are exposed.




4. Lawson Sofa – Created by Thomas W. Lawson, an American businessman. The first Lawson sofa came with pillows, and it was overstuffed. Very different than the traditional sofas. There are many variations of this sofa, but you can recognize this style by its three cushions and rolled or square arms.

5. Tuxedo Sofa – Starting the modernism movement in the 1920s. It got its name from the town of Tuxedo Park in New York. The arms define this style; they are the same height as the back. Most of the Tuxedo sofa does not come with back cushions. Legs are exposed. This style differs from Chesterfield. Chesterfield has rolled arm; Tuxedo does not.



6. English Rolled Arm Sofa – Considered one of the coziest sofas. Sometimes called the Club Sofa. It dates back to the turn of the century. It has a tight back but generously sized cushions. The arms are recessed.

7. Knole Sofa – Dates back to the early 1600s. Back then, sofas did not exist. Instead, they used settee. This style has a straight high back and angled adjustable arms. Cords were used to connecting back to constituents. This style has decreased in popularity, but it can still be found in some homes.

8. Bridgewater Sofa – This style is defined by its softly rolled back, low set-back arms, and padded cushions. It can also be called birch-arm or English three-seater.

9. Mid-Century Modern Sofa – Started in the mid-1930s to 1965. They have a retro appearance. They come in many variations. This style has a streamlined form with square legs.

10. Sectional Sofa – Promoted by modernism, this sofa style has modular components. It has corner units ottoman and sometimes comes with chaise or recliners.


11. Futon Sofa – Dates back to 17th century Japan. The back folds down to create a large bed. This is perfect in a space where it can not accommodate a bed.


There are many variations to the styles of sofas mentioned here. Knowing what form best fits your space can significantly help to select the couch you want.

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