Painting my desk with Fusion paint

Recently  I wrote how beautiful Fusion paint is. And I decided I wanted to paint my desk.  I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but I have been postponing it because I would have to empty my desk and I wouldn’t be able to use it until it dries. 

I use my desk every day. It’s where I do business, so it wasn’t easy for me to give it up. I also love the color of my desk, but you will see there were worn spots that bothered me and even some chips and nicks I wanted to address. So I decided to paint it.

As you can see it’s a nice finish, but I was not too fond of that worn out spot.

 I emptied most of my desk. I had to move my computer to another area.

You can see how beautiful this paint finish is. I love it. I did wind up putting varnish on it only because my desk takes a lot of abuse. I wanted that extra durability.

Ok, all said and one. I love how it turned out. Do you have any projects you want to tackle? Then consider using Fusion paint. It won’t disappoint!!
All imagines via Pinterest