• Servicing Nassau & Suffolk Long Island New York

    Certified “One Day Decorator”:

    The most beautiful rooms are those that blend old, new, color, charisma, function and style. “One Day Decorating” approach creates a beautiful space in days… not weeks, resulting in instant gratification decorating. Although there is a respect for budget, the goal is to not create rooms that look budget driven. Beginning with the unique “Confident Consultation System” which incorporates establishing the client’s unique color profile, One Day Decorating is a service that can suit any client in any home from modest to mansion!!

    Redesign Consultation:

    Our home is our castle. It is an extension of who we are, our sanctuary from the hardships of life. But as you look around your home has it lost its luster? Its Appeal? Redesigning can help. We will use much of your existing furniture, incorporating existing pieces with new pieces. We will rearrange the placement of furniture, eliminating pieces that no longer work. Working with you, we will define space, create a sense of flow, find the focal point and function of every room, and establish harmony in your home.

    Walk & Talk Staging Consultation:

    This is for the home owner whose house is just about ready, but may need a little expert advice. This does not include a report. Following the consultation, if you so desire, we can email you a proposal, customizing the services needed to get your house ready to be put on the market. You have the options of completing the work yourself, or we can implement the changes needed.

    Vacant Homes varies depending on size:

    A vacant house is the most difficult to sell. Why? Because buyers can not visualize the homes potential. Staging a vacant house will highlight all the architectural features giving buyers a sense of home that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

    Shopping Services:

    Being a Home Stagers has its benefits. And one of those benefits are discounts we receive. We can shop with you or we can purchase these items for you. Either way inexpensive accessories go a long way to making a house fell like a “Warm Cozy Home”.

    Certified “Color With No Regrets” Specialist:

    Afraid to “choose colors”? Don’t be! Color charts can be overwhelming. We will assist you in making the right choice. Whether your putting your house on the market or redesigning your current home, we can help. We will go room to room and pick out all the colors necessary to transform your home.

    Occupied Staging:

    Do you need help preparing your home? Don't have the time? Not sure what to get? We can help get your home get ready! Check out our packages!

    Three Room Package:
    For 3 months. Living room, Dining room, Kitchen. Includes accessories, shopping and staging. (Furniture and curtains not included).

    Four Room Package:
    For 3 months. Living room, Dining room, Kitchen & Master Bedroom. Includes accessories, shopping and staging. (Furniture and curtains not included)


    Online Interior Design services is an alternative way to offer Interior Design regardless of your location or budget. This options allows you to create a beautiful space at your own pace. It's a way to get the, "designer look" at affordable prices. All the work is done by an experienced and professional Decorator. You provide us with the room size, budget, and photos. We will email you a custom design look for your space. There are many options to fit any budget.

    Please go to page "E-Design to view prices!!