• Walk & Talk Staging Consultation

    Is your home ready for it’s close-up? Not sure? Chances are your home needs some work, whether it’s just a simply fix as accessorizing, or some minor work like painting the space a more neutral palette. Either way this consultation can help.

    Our home is like our children; after a while, we no longer see the imperfection because we loved them just the way they are. But buyers don’t have that same emotional connection to your home as you do. This is where I come in and help. With a trained eye, I can spot potential problems. Give you the recommendation to fix the issues.

    The goal of this consultation is to have a home that buyers will have an emotional connection. That is what will drive the traffic to your home, and that is what will get it sold!

    Think of home staging like detailing your car. You wouldn’t sell your car without washing and polishing it. Don’t put your home on the market without staging it first. Remember, you have one chance to make a good impression, make it count!!

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    You will receive an email from me within 24 hours to schedule a FREE Activation Session, to see if we are a good fit!!

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