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    The most beautiful rooms are those that blend old, new, color, charisma, function and style. “One Day Decorating” approach creates a beautiful space in days… not weeks, resulting in instant gratification. Although there is a respect for budget, the goal is to create rooms that do not look budget driven. Beginning with the unique “Confident Consultation System” which incorporates the client’s unique color profile, One Day Decorating can suit any client in any home from modest to mansion!!

    Tier 1.Initial Consultation.

    We will start with the color profile test. During this time I will gauge you color preferences. Create a shopping list and budget. Answer all your questions. I will be taking pictures and measuring your space. Pinterest Boards will be created for you.

    Tier 2. Options.

    You will have 2 options to choose from. Choose what you like and add them to your Pinterest board. All the shopping gets done at this level. Once the decision is made, I will place the orders. Final approval will be accepted before purchasing any major pieces. You will get 1 revision set. If there is something you do not like, I will gladly change it.

    Tier 3. Layout.

    This is where all the work gets done. Any and all work must be done before implementing the design plan. Painting, carpet removal, or carpentry work. Don't worry about finding trustworthy or qualified trades people, I can make recommendations. I will send you the layout of the room prior to installation. All major pieces must be in the room.

    Tier 4. Installation Day.

    This is where the fun begins and the design plan comes to life. We will set up a time and date to set up the room. I will come in and set up your room in one day. The installation includes, hanging up artwork, accessorizing and furniture placement. Your new space will have warmth, charm and beauty. You get to live inside your new space for 1 week. If there is an adjustments that needs to be made, I will gladly come in and make it for you.

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