• About Abella Home Staging & Redesign Long Island NY


    Hello and welcome to the world of design!!

    Hello, my name is Carmela. My passion is helping people get their dream home by creating beautiful designs for their space. I am a Certified One Day Decorator, Certified Color Specialist and Certified Home Stager. All the qualifications that make me a designer but it’s passion that fuels my soul. Passion is what drives us, and makes us whole. There is nothing like seeing my clients expression when the space is done.

    Designing a space isn’t as easy as you may believe. There are so many moving parts of designing. My job is to help alleviate the stress by doing all the work for you. You get to sit back and relax. Along the way, friendship is made, and bonds are formed. In a way, my clients become an extension of my friends. My goal is to make my clients “Fall In Love With Their Home Again.”

    Let me tell you what a well-designed space can do for you. A client was in dire need of a new bedroom design. Her life was very stressful. Her sanctuary was her bedroom, but it had become a dumping ground. It was no longer her sanctuary. I went to work choosing all the items she would need to transform that space. We worked very closely together. Finally, the day arrived. I came in and finished the room in one day. When she opened her bedroom door, her expression said it all. She was so moved, as was I. Now she has a sanctuary to come home to after a long stressful day.

    Is your home a sanctuary? Does your home feel like a haven, a place you would love to spend time relaxing? No, then let’s change that!! Let me help you get your dream home. Are you ready? Then check out my services and let's chat!